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One of the finest galleries in America where I am happily represented.

CD cover
A blend of Michael Kac's baroque-ish harpsichord and Linda Cohen's classically styled guitar give this collaboration a vibrant texture.

The Samuel S. Fleisher Art Memorial, the nation's oldest tuition-free art school, is guided by the spirit of its founder, who first extended an invitation in 1898 for "the world to come and learn art."

The Academy of the Fine Arts maintains a tradition of educating the artist in a classical manner. Founded in 1805 with an emphasis on figure drawing and systematic training through clay modeling the figure.

My bronze sculpture of Lee Strasberg
The internationally renowned director, producer, actor, teacher, lecturer, coach, and writer is featured here along with my bronze sculpture.

Arts & Antiques Magazine
I was featured in the June 2001 issue.

A painter of fantastical, narrative images.

A wonderful artist and designer.

Original work.

A friend and fine Artist.

A truly original artist in many mediums.

Anthony Lent first and foremost is an internationally-recognized master jeweler

Lisa’s jewelry with "beasts, bugs and botanicals" as the main themes and a line of tableware are very much worth looking at.

Stephen Robin’s sculpture flickers between botanical and zoological on a large scale.

A seeker of the truth in his work and life.

Flash Rosenberg
~ Attention Span for Hire ~
Photographer, Cartoonist, Humorist
Currently Artist-in-Residence for LIVE from the New York Public Library.

Film maker focusing on narrative features and music videos, co-founded by Michael Wellenreiter and Adam Carrigan

Hoffman Studio
creates and improves logos, branding, brochures, advertising and all marketing communication tools for your business.

Artist blacksmith making sculptural ironworks.

Her dynamic work unites modern figurative subject matter with traditional mediums.

Jim was got the American Numismatic Association award:
the National Art Award for Excellence in Metallic Sculpture.

Jim Hafft welcomes the beauty, mystery and humor of our world as seen through photography.

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