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In this picture I have taken a piece of a figure. I refocused and synthesized it pixel by pixel to shape an image of bright colors and form.

This process I am using is a new medium. It is done wholly digitally. It is a wonderful process that allows me to work with all the latitude of any other Art form, but cleaner, and with permanence.

  1. I take a picture with a digital camera, or I scan a picture I made with a film camera into my computer.
  2. On the monitor I find a shape that interests me and isolate that part.
  3. I enlarge that segment and draw into it.
  4. I manipulate the colors and paint on the image.
  5. I print the picture 8 inch X 10 inch, set it on an easel and study it. Often the critique process takes days.
  6. I make corrections on the print with good old low-tech pencil.
  7. I go back to the computer to execute the changes on the image. Sometimes I do this several times until the image is the way I want it to look.
  8. I then make a 19 inch X 13 inch print and study that.
  9. If I still like it, I take the final picture file to the printer where the finished prints are made with a large archival printer.
  10. I then sign and number the prints.

Douglas Randall; 215-285-8139;

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