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Baton Rouge High School.
Kansas City Art Institute.
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Graduated Advanced Sculpture

2006-08 Wexler Gallery
Philadelphia, Pa
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Philadelphia, PA.
2004 & 08 Alumni Juried Show
2005 RodgerLapelle Galleries
Philadelphia, Pa
2005 Gallery International
Baltimore Md.
2004 Camera Club of New York
Ralph Gibson Competition 2004
Honorable Mention. New York City
Las Vegas Art Council
Las Vagas N.M.
2003 US Artist Fine Art Show
Philadelphia, Pa
2003 Feilsher Art Memorial Philadelphia, PA
1999 Artist House Philadelphia, Pa.
1996-98 24th Annual International Invitational
Hababat Gallery Pontiac, MI
.1996-98 Miller Gallery
New York, N.Y.
1980-92 Woodmere Art Museum
Philadelphia, PA
1984 Rosenfeils Gallery
Philadelphia, PA.
1980 Philadelphia Art Museum
Philadelphia, Pa.
1979 Ginpel and Weitzenhoffer
New York City
1978 Philadelphia Art Museum
Philadelphia, PA.

1991-92 Fashion Institute of Technology
NYC. Professor of Design
1995-2008 Fleisher Art Memorial
Basic Figure Drawing. Philadelphia, PA

Douglas Randall; 215-285-8139;

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